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Data Science and Machine Learning are the biggest buzzwords in the business world nowadays. Many businesses know the importance of collecting information, but as they can collect so much data in a short period, the real question is: “what is the next step?”

Data Science includes all the different procedures that must be implemented when working with data: collecting and cleaning them, analyzing them, applying Machine Learning algorithms and models, and then presenting your findings from the analysis with some good data visualizations.

Machines and automation represent a huge part of our daily life. They are becoming part of our experience, and existence. Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the most thriving fields any programmer would wish to delve into, and for a good reason: this is the future!

Simply put, Machine Learning is about teaching machines to think and make decisions as we would. The difference between the way machines learn and the way we do is that while for the most part we learn from experiences, machines learn from data.