If you haven’t yet installed the April Windows and Office patches, now’s a good time to release the kraken. With a bit of prudent precaution, of course.

If you have click-to-run versions of Office, you may start seeing “Compile error: / Can’t find project or library” error messages, but those are understood — and, surprisingly, they’re for your own good.

Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the reboot race condition that leads to “missing” data (which isn’t really missing at all, just relocated to a completely inscrutable location), but that problem is also well understood now. It’s just a pain.

Microsoft’s unprecedented request for information about reported problems this month hasn’t yielded anything concrete that I can see — no telling what’s gone on behind closed doors — while my quarantined spidey sense hasn’t picked up any new clues. There just seem to be a lot of random patching problems with no discernible root cause, possibly amplified by the Windows echo chamber.

At any rate, there don’t appear to be any fixes on the immediate horizon, so now’s a good time to make sure you have all of the regular April patches installed. Make sure you studiously avoid the “optional, non-security, C/D Week” patch KB 4550945.

Here’s how to get caught up.

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